What are some common plumbing problems?


Plumbing isn’t exactly a glamorous aspect of owning a home. However, it certainly is important if you want things running smoothly. Unfortunately, plumbing issues can occur at any given moment and can always cause stress and headaches for homeowners and occupants.

If plumbing problems are left unattended too, they can eventually lead to some expensive repairs in the future. Furthermore, they could make life extremely unpleasant on a daily basis.

Here are some of the common plumbing issues that occur in a home:

Slowly Draining Sink

This is a problem that’s caused when a blockage is preventing the water flow. From food debris to congealed fat, blockages can prevent your sink from running efficiently. If you’ve noticed a slow drain time, you may need to inspect the plumbing closer.

Low Water Pressure

Are you noticing a lack of water pressure in the shower or water coming out of a tap? Low water pressure tends to be more common in older homes or properties where there might be a leak that’s lowering the pressure of water.

There are a number of reasons why low water pressure might be occurring in your home, however, if you remain unsure, you should think about getting a plumber at your home soon.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can cause extensive damage to your home if not dealt with swiftly and correctly. You might begin to notice damp along walls, floors or ceilings which can damage its integrity.

Leaky pipes are more likely to be caused in the winter when water is a lot colder. If you’ve noticed a leak, we strongly recommend bringing in a plumber to prevent it becomes a severe problem.

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