Most Popular Hobbies Played Outside

Best hobby ideas


Many health enthusiasts agree that living an active life is crucial to a healthy life. This includes taking up hobbies that help to keep you active. We have created a list of the most popular hobbies.

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Salt Water Fishing

This hobby takes place out at sea, allowing hobby-goers to catch large and exotic fishes. However, you will need to have access to a boat, either through purchasing or renting and must have your own specialist fishing gear, giving you the opportunity to handle large catches. See the benefits here.


Alpine skiing began as a club sport in the 1860s. Skiing is great for those that love the stunning mountain views and to experience a huge sense of adventure. Nowadays, most skiing resorts have ski lifts, allowing skiers access to the top of the mountains. Ski resorts in Europe.

Skiing Resorts in Europe

Wake Boarding

Wake boarding makes up for the lake of waves as a boat drags you along. This activity is hugely popular in warmer climates, but is suitable anywhere in the world. Wake boarding is relatively safe and will certainly keep you fit if you stick to it. Wakeboarding beginners.


Airsoft is a competitive team sport where you shoot opponents with replica weapons known as airsoft guns. There are many courses around the UK to play in, which maximises the experience. There are many airsoft guns to choose from and you can purchase online.

Airsoft is a great hobby


A triathlon consists of three continuous and sequential disciplines. Typically, these activities are running, cycling and swimming, however this sport doesn’t require a huge amount of skill, but you must be trained in this. Training tips here.