Invest in property in london and the south east 2017

Make Money from Property Development

People have been looking for alternative investment opportunities. Property has been a solid investment for years and after the credit crunch and recent recessions, has become a popular choice for those looking for a great return on their investments.

Write A Business Plan

It is absolutely essential to write a detailed and comprehensive business plan before undertaking any development or renovation project however big or small.

The idea is to make money! Always consider the rental yield and return on investment. Talk to a business advisor and ideally people who are experienced in the property development industry. Contact us for free advice.

Secure Property Development Finance

Securing funding for your residential building project is obviously a major factor in getting your property development off the ground. Talk to a financial advisor for free advice. There are a few different finance options available. We recommend using a private lender with specialist experience in the property development sector. Click here to apply for property finance.

Location, Location, Location

London and the South East continue to be the most profitable places for new profitable developments. Although startup investment costs will be higher, increasing demand for housing in the South East has led to ever-increasing rental yields and thus a greater return on your investment.

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