Understanding Ashford’s Going Green Scheme

Understanding energy and waste

Energy and Waste

Energy and waste are vital services for communities and sustainable solutions for both will be important for Ashford as it grows.

The energy we use and the waste we produce contribute to our environmental impacts and ecological and carbon footprint. We can all use our resources better, increase energy efficiency and produce less waste.

What is Ashford’s Future doing?

Ashford’s Future has been working with partner organisations on various aspects of sustainable energy and waste provision.

  • Ashford’s Future commissioned ARUP to complete a Sustainable Energy Feasibility Study to identify how new developments can provide onsite renewable energy and work towards Zero Carbon Buildings. See: being sustainable.
  • Ashford’s Future is working with key partners to consider how to improve energy efficiency in existing communities.
  • Construction sector generates more waste than any other sector. Ashford’s Future has been working with Remade South East to provide waste audits and Site Waste Management Plans to Ashford Construction sites.
  • Ashford’s Future is working with Kent County Council to improve waste infrastructure provision for the town, making it easier to reduce landfill and increase recycling.
  • Registered rubbish clearance companies are also helping to reduce landfill. During the collection of waste, they recycle up to 99% of all rubbish, therefore reducing the amount sent to landfills.