How to Open a Restaurant in Sydney & to Stay Open

The restaurant business is known as one of the most difficult industries to get into. Read to on to find out how you can successfully open a restaurant in Sydney and how to make sure it stays open.

Restaurant Consultancy

Hiring a restaurant consultant can be great for your business, especially if you don’t have business experience, you are new to the market or you aren’t making enough money. Benefits here.

What can a restaurant consultant in Sydney do for you?

  • They will bring in years of professional experience
  • Experts in menu engineering
  • Offer practical training and education
  • Help in recruitment
  • Aware of the latest trends in the industry

Operational Requirements

Planning is key in any business venture. This includes health and safety requirements, as well as finding the perfect location and what style of food you’re going to have. Other requirements.

You must ensure that your restaurant has covered the following:

  • Licensing and registering
  • Classifications
  • Safety training
  • Food supervisors

You could also take part in community events to market your new restaurant. Give out food samples, offer discounts and join the local businesses to create a positive presence.


Never underestimate the power of social media and digital marketing. Before opening your restaurant, you must have a clear idea on your brand, cuisine, target markets and your location. It is important that your online presence represents this. Tips here.

As well as building your online presence, you must post consistently and communicate regularly with your audience. Even when your restaurant is well-established, you must continue. Food bloggers and journalists are likely to take note and review your restaurant online, so it’ll only do good things for its exposure.