Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer

As we head into the summer period, homeowners are always looking for new ways to bring life into the garden.

With a bit of luck, we’ll get more than enough sun that’ll force us to relax outside, so of course, you’ll want the surroundings to be fantastic!

Do The Test looks at a few ways you can really revitalise your garden with some fun, brilliant DIY garden projects.

Is it pest free?

Pests in the garden can be a real nightmare – just the previous summer our garden was taken over by ants really badly, which meant we actually spent less time enjoying the space. But this year, we have vowed not to do this again and instead rely on pest control exterminators to help us with our problem. And we thought wait, we cannot be the only ones.

Whilst there at at-home remedies you can try to keep your garden pest free, which we have tried and tested, we have actually found pest companies to be the most effective – especially when it comes to these pests returning. So, if you are in the Kent area like us and in need of pest control experts – these guys really helped!

garden pest free

Now that’s out of the way… how can you achieve the perfect garden?

Green Roof Garden

Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular amongst UK homeowners in recent years. You might see the odd roof that has a layer of artificial grass along with it, but some are taking their green roof gardens to the next level!

With versatile materials such as a rubber membrane which is used for a flat roof, it supports the roof structure and integrity for homeowners to begin an actual garden on their roof. This truly creates an immersive, natural appearance for your property.

See designs.

Garden Pond

A garden pond is a fantastic way to introduce freshwater pond life right into your back garden.

With additional water features such as waterfalls too, you can begin to design a beautiful pond.

There are a number of guides that give you a fantastic insight into designing the perfect garden pond for your property as well as adding home value to it!

New Outdoor Decking

One of the key features of summer is BBQ. Whether you want to invite friends or family around, a small affair or a summer party, you’ll want to provide a relaxing atmosphere, and a new decking is a perfect way to do so.

You’ll easily be able to find businesses that specialise in decking kits, that give you the freedom to design the perfect decking for your BBQ guests.

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