A spoof western called Lust in the Dust was made in America in 1984, using scratch ‘n’ sniff as an added attraction. The audience were each given a small card containing about half-a-dozen numbers.

At intervals during the film, a number was displayed in a corner of the screen – the signal for viewers to scratch ‘n’ sniff the appropriate number on their cards. This gave them whichever smell was appropriate to the action – the lure of perfume or the whiff of gunsmoke, for example.

The aroma of apples The microcapsules which contain the scent in a scratch ‘n’ sniff sticker are shown in this microscope photograph. When the capsules are scratched, the fragrance is released. The sticker of a sliced appleĀ  is typical of those put in magazines. The area inside the dotted line would contain microcapsules to remind people how delicious apples smell.