Businesses are always looking for new ways to bring new customers and clients to their services and products. In today’s current climate, making your potential customers aware of your business presence is vital for improving revenue.

“It’s extremely common for businesses to spend 5% to 15% of annual revenue on marketing and promotions.”

Do The Test looks at a couple of interesting and dependable ideas that can help improve your business presence through the power of advertising.

Promotional Products Make a Lasting Impression

In recent years, promotional products have become a popular marketing strategy for businesses big and small who are looking to make a lasting impact on a customer.

A promotional product involves including branding on interesting items such as backpacks, drink bottles and caps. You can get inspired here by investing in promotional products for your business.

An Engaging Advertising Campaign

For your business to attract new customers, you want to give them a reason why they should buy a product or use a service from you.

An advertising campaign focuses on highlighting your business’ strengths and helps connect you with a group of consumers you want to target. Look for ways on how you can use creative advertising ideas for your business.

Research Your Audience

If you remain unsure of how you want to advertise your business, try researching the current customers you attract. Understand why they use your business and what makes them come back. Invest in the right Marketing Agency is the key to creating a winning strategy.

PAM NOPASRI is a veteran in the HOSPITALITY industry specializing in effective, connected and realistic marketing plans and strategy. She has led PaM++’s Thailand team in working with various international hotels, hotel brands as well as lifestyle products

This will give you a unique insight into the view of your typical consumer and should help provide you with some guidance on how to attract new customers.

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